What Would These Fashionistas Change About The Fashion Industry?

New York Fashion Week, September 2014: Looks like stripes are making a strong come back, but attitudes and egos need to be left behind.

longform-original-11275-1410396293-3Curran J. “Men need to be more stylish.”


longform-original-30810-1410396293-3Paola, stylist and designer:”The industry needs to give upcoming designer’s more of a chance.”

longform-original-11906-1410396291-6Jamal and Faustina, stylists and bloggers:

“Fashion is too much like high school and that needs to change. We need a principal that puts their foot down and accepts vision and creativity above all.” – Faustina

“There’s not enough brand loyalty.” – Jamal

longform-original-16331-1410396290-14Darlene: “I wanna see more crazy people, more flashy fashion, and more freedom.”

longform-original-26693-1410384178-33Yazmin: “I want to see less animal testing and less fur.”


longform-original-16682-1410396290-4Kie: “Diversity. It’s not as mixed as it could be when it comes to models and designers.”

longform-original-5105-1410384171-3Delon, stylist: “The industry should be more welcoming.”

longform-original-5242-1410384179-15Festy and Chaby, Hungarian style bloggers: “Here, nothing. Everything is so high quality. In Hungary, where we’re from, we have to improve more.”

longform-original-23467-1410384175-4Yanyan and Shonicc: “Nothing. It’s crazy but it’s lovely.”

longform-original-25366-1410384175-12Nicoletta, stylist: “The egos.”

longform-original-5238-1410384173-3Romeo: “The lack of elegance. I love elegance.”

longform-original-13536-1410452867-28Kingo: “More creativity. It was a little safe.”

longform-original-23625-1410384168-25Adam Bobby, designer: “I don’t like that fashion is so exclusive. It needs to be more available to everyone. Instead of money, it needs to be about the heart of the work.”

grid-cell-31765-1410395588-4Ahmed: “There should be more focus on dapper style.”

longform-original-1047-1410452699-29Zachary, student: “The fashion industry should try to bring more outsiders in. I feel like The Devil Wears Prada has given a false view of the industry to people.”

longform-original-4064-1410452569-20Sean, blogger: “Fashion needs more personality, and the classics and glamor need to come back.”

longform-original-4167-1410452533-4Maeve and Beagy, stylists:

Maeve: “I don’t like the ‘who wore it best’ columns.”

Beagy: “I don’t like THE ATTITUDES.”



Photo credits to Lauren Zasar.

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