Happy National Cleavage Day!

So here we are again! National Cleavage Day (or NCD for you seasoned experts) has come rearing round the bend and is once more upon us. That oh-so-famous holiday celebrated mainly by the Daily Mail, The Sun, other like newspapers, Wonderbra, and now…ME. I’m going to play the “Arts Student” card and celebrate NCD by presenting you readers with my top pick of busty beauties that have graced the History of Art. Let’s pay homage to the female form with these foxy ladies:


‘The Victory of Samothrace’, Unknown, c.200-190 BCE, marble, Musee du Louvre, Paris. Image source: en.wikipedia.org


‘Woman with a Mirror’, Titian, c.1515, oil on canvas, 96cm x 76cm, Musée du Louvre, Paris. Image source: en.wikipedia.org


‘Judith and Holofernes’, Artemesia Gentileschi, c.1620, oil on canvas, 199cm x 162.5cm, Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Image source: en.wikipedia.org


‘Portrait Bust of Costanza Bonarelli’, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1636-38, marble, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence. Image source: The Getty Museum


‘Self-portrait with two pupils’, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, 1785, oil on canvas, 210.8cm x 151.1cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image source: en.wikipedia.org


‘Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau)’, John Singer Sargent, 1883-84, oil on canvas, 208.6cm x 109.9cm, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image source: http://www.metmuseum.org


‘The Musician’, Tamara de Lempicka, 1929, oil on canvas, 161cm x 96cm. Image source: en.wikipedia.org

and finally, the bustiest of them all…


‘Benefits Supervisor Sleeping’, Lucian Freud, 1995, oil on canvas, privately owned (by Roman Abramovich). Image source: en.wikipedia.org

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